The source of plugins: Share your source, share your effort...


I have started setting up a Open Source repository for Idea plugins.
It is located at
(See earlier posting for a discussion on the pros / cons of the site)

If any plugin developer would like to share their source (and effort in
maintaining the code) with the rest of the idea community, please e-mail me
and I will either give you cvs write-access to the repository or upload your
source. I would really welcome the source for some of the great Idea plugin
like: FunkySearch, LogMonitor, WorkSpaces, BeanShell, etc.

Any comments on the structure of the cvs directory would be welcome. I kept
it as simple as possible.

I have started 3 new plugins.
OpenFile: Which give you a non-modal list of your open files. (50% complete)
IdeaSpell: Which will use an open source spell checker to check source code.
(Not implemented yet)
SelectExtension: Which will provide column and discontinuous copy and paste.
(Not implemented yet)





I have no objection to you putting FunkySearch on sf, but I have to agree with other plugin developers in that most of plugins so far are not massive works, so I'm not sure what's to be gained by doing so. I doubt that this particular plugin will evolve much more than it is, other than tweaks to make it work with future Idea versions.

Give me write access and I'll try not to do too much damage. Can I reserve the right to declare sf is all too hard and go back to just posting the source on the Twiki?