OpenAPI access to keyboard shortcuts

I was playing with the openapi to write a plugin that requires access to all keystrokes. I created a TypedActionHandler but the execute method is not called for every keystroke. I added a KeyAdapter to the editor's components, but found that the keystroke is handled before I even get the event.

I was able to create my own custom keymap via the Options|Keymaps menu and I removed a shortcut. This got me part way. My KeyAdapter got the KeyReleased event but my action handler's execute never saw it.

1) Is there something in the openapi that allows me to create/modify the current keymap?
2) Is there any plan to update the openapi so all keystrokes will make it to the TypedActionHandler.execute method?

For the curious, I am attempting to write a VIM plugin based on ideas I got from the available VI plugin.