Grails - No auto-completion creating domain class, and no Grails view

Trying to run through a Grails Getting Started page, finding several discrepencies.

The page is

, and it claims that there is both a Project view and a Grails view.  There is no Grails view.

Also, when trying to Execute a Grails Target in order to create a Domain class, there is no Auto-completion.  So if I type cr after Ctrl Alt G, the Run Grails target dialog shows up, but it doesn't show any picklist like create-app, create-controller, etc.

Also, the instructions are outdated.  It says to select Grails 1/2.  I guess that works if you have an install Grails that is lower than version 3.


Regarding versions - please see the "Getting Started with Grails 3" tutorial.

Regarding the code compleation - this is a bug and the issue was created in our youtrack system.


Ok, so it's working as it should.  Thanks, Elena.


There is a "workaround" for the grails command line completion bug. If you press TAB, the auto completion starts working (as long as the dialog is open).


Will take a look this week, thanks.