Maven autoimport

I would prefer this feature not to trigger when editing the 'ignorable whitespace' between elements/tags. That really would save a lot of time when editing poms. As of now even a inserted blank or a removed empty line between elements makes the autoimport trigger... which is really annoying in huge multi-module poms with a complex set of parent/module structures.

What do you think? Cannot be too difficult to implement.



Sadly, our project has > 60 modules so when the autoimport kicks in it blocks some of the IDEA features for a good bit of time.

That said, it's still far better than Eclipse which just blocks the UI until it's complete :)



I think that's already implemented in IDEA X.


What is implemented?


Just as an FYI in case people are not familiar with such... you can turn the Auto import off. That way when you edit the files, it does not do an import until you manually trigger one. I personally find this much easier. It's rare when making a POM edit, in a large multi-module project, that you want the import to keep firing while editing.

To turn off auto-import, go to Settings (ctrl+alt+S). Under the project settings expand the "Maven" node from the list under "Project Settings". Select the "Importing" child node. Deselect the top option "Import Maven projects automatically".

To make this the default for all new projects (at creation time), go to "Project Template Settings" from the menu: File | Other Settings | Template Settings.

To take it ne step further, I mapped a keyboard shortcut (ctrl+alt+shift+I is what I used) to the "Force Reimport All Maven Projects" action. So when I am done editing, a simply keyboard command reimports everything for me manually.

I know this isn't the same thing as the feature this thread is requesting. But IMHO I think it becomes far less necessary of a new feature -- more of a nice to have -- with this information. At the same time, I realize everyone has different personal workflows when coding. Personally, the only situation I really see auto import as useful is upon a quick insert of a new dependency (such as via the IDEA add Maven Dependency quick fix intention). As such, I think a great feature would be an additional auto import option of "only on quick fix dependency insertion".

Again, just posting this as an FYI in case people are not aware of the ability to turn off auto-import.