Make or build do not progress using IDEA 9 beta

Hi everyone,

When using recently IDEA 9 beta, I can't make or build any project.
After invoking (for instance) "Rebuild project", the "Make" indication appear with the progress bar cycling (but with no progress or apparent activity) for long as 10min. (I gave up after this time)

The log does not contain any information apart from:

2009-11-17 11:45:04,750 [ 512669]   INFO - ins.idea.svn.SvnChangeProvider - Rename not found for [...]

For several files.
Can anyone suggest a solution, please?

Many thanks.

Edit: Forgot to add: whenever I try to cancel "Make", nothings happens. The progress bar keeps cycling, with the label "Stopping - make". I have to kill the IDEA process.
I'm using IntelliJ IDEA 9 beta on MS Windows XP SP3, with Java 1.6u11



I've disabled the Subversion support plugin, and the same problem occurs.

Log states: "COMPILATION STARTED", no ins.idea.svn.SvnChangeProvider errors, but building still stuck.
No additional log entries appear...


Still more follow-up:

I've used ProcMon to see what IDEA was doing during the endless "Make" dialog and it seems it's just trying to find a file constantly, not finding it and not exiting the loop:

Process name: idea.exe
Operation: QueryOpen
Path: C:\Documents and Settings\...\Local Settings\Temp\e4j_p5648.tmp

I've invalidated the cache, tried to rebuild the project again, and the same thing happens (but with a different filename).

Any suggestions?
Many thanks!


This was fixed by increasing the javac maximum heap size, unchecking "Compile in background" and disabling Subversion support.

However, I still don't understand what caused it...