Fullscreen on OSX Yosemite leads to black space screen on 2nd monitor

I've got an annoying effect in IDEA 14 (.0.1).
Whenever I switch to fullscreen mode, my second monitor Space is turned black (I can see the mouse cursor there, but it is not a real space).

In the Yosemite spaces view, it seems Intellij IDEA occupies his own space. I cannot move the IDEA window to another Space.

Anyone with a suggestion how to fix that?



That's not IntelliJ, that's all fullscreen apps. In OS/X, all full-screen apps are assigned their own space. OS/X has two fullscreen "modes". The first is the traditional, each space spans all monitors. You can have windows span multiple monitors. A full-screen app fills up one monitor and the other is blank. The second mode is a space-per-monitor. Settings -> Mission Control -> Displays have separate Spaces. You can't have windows span multiple monitors but full-screen apps fill up one monitor and the others are still usable.