IntelliJ won't create a folder called 'release'.

Hi there.

I've got a bit of maven that creates compresses JS files into a folder called 'release'.

The problem is that IntelliJ refuses to see it, no matter what I do.

The folder is created but doesn't show up in the project view.

If I create it manually in Intellij (rightclick -> new -> directory) the folder is created (I can see it in Windows Explorer) but it doesn't show up in the project view.

If I change the name of the folder, everything works as it should, so I think I've got some setting that's hiding the folder named 'release'. I've looked in file types, and the containing folder is not being excluded in the project.

Is there some place else I need to look?



check Project Structure of containing module if the folder is marked as "Excluded" in "Sources" tab


And that is exactly what the problem was.  I wasn't looking hard enough!