Maia Maven Issues

1) Make runs before any of the Maven lifecycle events.  This causes compile errors for classes that would be generated by Maven
2) "Re-import Maven projects" does nothing
3) Settings | Maven |    None of these settings can be changed.


Hi, Norris,

Problem with 'Make before run' will be fixed in the next eap.
Re-import actually is not needed now since importing is done automatically when any pom file is changed.

As for the settings problem, I'll check it. OK, i've  checked ) Can't reproduce, though. Could you point to any specific setting?

Thanks for your feedback,
Anton Makeev


3) Select Settings, select Maven.  There are several options on that page.  It looked like the "Apply" key eventually was enabled, but it took a minute or two.  Perhaps a thread issue.


I've fixed the Importing settings page, it, indeed, had a problem.
There is a relevant issue:

Anton Makeev