Maven: Problems with new compiler/resources management


I have big problems with the latest EAPs (since 9757 which is the last version that works for me) related to Maven and resources.
If I open an old project (imported with a previous build) and compile it, the resources are no longer copied - or maybe copied and deleted later.

I followed the instructions from your blog post and reimported the project. Now the resource folders are no longer marked as source folder.
That is of course not a very good solution, since I loose all the great editing/navigation capabilities Idea provides for my resource files....

I think I am missing one piece. Could anyone help me here?




Actually, I'd put it even a step further. This kind of unconditional switch forced onto users is simply UNACCEPTABLE. I'm usually never that extreme with my comments on large software products, but in this case it's raging... Not only numerous performance issues with maven integration were ignored (and many trivial configuration improvements to give power users a control over the process), but now this BS is shoveled down our throats. I'm sorry, Jetbrains folks. You're doing a great job, but failed miserably here. I really hope this problem will be given higher visibility promptly and addressed....


Hi, Andrew,

I've fixed this problem, please try the next eap and let me know if it helps.
Also please check the relevant issue:

Anton Makeev