IDEA reindexes and reimports everything after a crash


Build 9742. Once in a while I have to kill IDEA when it spins out of control. The problem is next time I load the same project, it starts reindexing everything. It starts with JDK, then every jar library, then imports all poms (again). There shouldn't be a reason to do that every time, should there?



I think that's to make sure that the cache is not corrupted. This is not very user friendly, I agree.

Worse, though, is that Idea reindexes everything after it shows the "Out of memory" dialog and "Shutdown" is chosen.


There is a new File -> Invalidate Caches action, so I'd prefer not to waste 20 mins till IDEA gets a grip on the reality (nothing was broken in caches, just killed due to e.g. OOME).


Have there been any updates on this? Or perhaps some comments from the IJ team? 

I have been experiencing this issue a lot during plugin development, as there have been many cases where I had to resort to stopping the sandbox instance by stopping the process in the main IDEA instance, which gets annoying because of complete reindexing on the next launch of the sandbox.



After crash indexes are marked as corrupted and should be recreated. We couldn't tell which are affected, so reindex all to avoid possible corrupted parts.