Subversion authentication broken in v8?

I cannot commit anything with version 8 to our subversion (idea v7 works just fine)

When working at home I have to commit through https and in the office not, but neither works.
I cleared ssh/subversion  credentials but it doesn't help.Also, trying to authenticate  with DOMAIN\username doesn't help either.
(linux version, EAP 9162, few earlier eap's failed to btw.)

any help/hints?

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Just did completely clean install,  but no bananas..
intellij log file is clean (no errors shown/thrown)

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What SVN server type/version do you use? Any proxy configuration? What is the error message displayed by IDEA?

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    hi, version is 1.4.6, this is part of server config file:

DAV svn
    # any "/svn/foo" URL will map to a repository /usr/local/svn/foo
    SVNParentPath "xxxx"
    SVNAutoversioning On 
    # enable dir listing
    SVNListParentPath On 
    SVNIndexXSLT "/svnindex.xsl"

    AuthName "SVN login - use your XXX credentials"
    AuthType SSPI
    SSPIAuth On
    SSPIAuthoritative On
    SSPIDomain XXX
    SSPIBasicPreferred Off
    SSPIUsernameCase lower
    SSPIOfferBasic On    # let non-IE clients authenticate
    SSPIOmitDomain On    # keep domain name in userid string
                # passed down to mod_authz_svn
    Require valid-user    # A Require directive may? prevent userid

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Can you try to authenticate with this repository from the command line client? Does it work? If it works, IDEA should be able to use your authentication cache from the command line Subversion client (try the latest IDEA 8.0.1 version released today).

If you are using a proxy in IDEA configuration, check that it's disabled for the Subversion.

What error message do you get? Connection problem or authentication problem?

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btw, there is no error. It just pops password/username box again and again.

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tried new version, no bananas. no errors whatsoever. Thing is, Idea7 works just fine. I removed all authentication data, logged in (did an update) through command line,  but that didn't helped either..
I am just wondering, how comes I am the only one with those problems...go figure..

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Please add the following option in IDEA_HOME\bin\idea.exe.vmoptions file and restart IDEA:


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BTW, for people running linux just put it in idea.vmoptions (instead of .exe stuff)