Idea should be able not to rely on compiled project..

The great thing about Idea is that it can do a lot without compiling a project, and even work with non-compilable code (refactoring...). However, some parts of Idea assume that project is compiled.

In certain cases it's not so simple... For instance, my project just cannot be compiled by Idea. There is a huge script that builds a project, and it takes 15-30 minutes to complete. It also does some tricks like sophisticated code generation, native code compilation, etc, etc. It tries to handle dependencies, but does it badly, that's why it is slow.

This is a reason why I never compile (this project) in Idea. I just can not. As a result, for instance, project-wide error highlighting ceases to exist (it just checks the files that were opened) - in case when it would be particularly useful - not to wait 20min. for rebuild, but to have some "smoke test" of the code in parallel.
Also, DSM defuses to work, it only accepts classes. So, this feature instantly becomes irrelevant... Dialog:
- Do you want to compile a project before running DSM?
Refusal might result in incorrect data.
- NO, do not compile, because it wont be compiled by Idea. I'm fine with incomplete data.
- No class files were found. DSM will not be shown.

Can these features work without compilation, please?


why don't you add the generated output of your script to the classpath?

and btw...personally i think relying on such kind of scripts is a bad idea in general. they just slow you down.
a) you don't know if your code will compile. to check if it does, you'll have to wait until it compiled everything instead of just your changes.
b) you have to update these scripts instead of simply adding jar X to your classpath.
c) scripts are a pain to debug and fix. especially huge ones.

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