Automatic commit messages

I had an idea for a feature and wanted to ask if (a) it might be useful (b) if there is already something like it in IDEA.  Sometimes during refactoring, I just make a small number of automated changes before a commit.  For example, let's say I rename method "getTarget" to "getDestination" and rename class "Enemy" to "EnemyPlayer" before I start doing more complicated work.  When I go to commit, I type in something like:

renamed method 'getTarget' to 'getDestination' and renamed class 'Enemy' to 'EnemyPlayer'


renamed methods and classes in enemy package

Does IDEA have a feature that will automatically generate a nice commit message for me, if I have only made automated changes (like renames,  refactors, deletes, etc.)?  If not, would it be worthwhile if JetBrains added it?

Some possible pros:

1. standard way of creating commit messages for simple/automated changes
2. possibly including more detail than the developer otherwise would have
3. save developer time

Some possible cons:

1. the cost to implement this feature
2. possibly discouraging the developer from making a "higher-level" comment like "cleanup in enemy subsystem"
3. complicating the commit dialog UI.

Anyways, the thought just crossed my mind and I wanted to see what you thought.


There is no such feature in IntelliJ IDEA, but you can implement much of it as a third-party plugin.