Android Layout construction

The Android code and debug performance for Idea is rather amazing considering how slow Eclipse is.

However the layout constuction for our tablet application is fairly involved. From looking at the layout editor and preview, everything looks right in our current project. However, creating a new layout from scratch seems kinda painful. The default settings for things that are required, like width and height, are not prefilled etc. I can create my own livetemplates to do this for me if I take the time, but it seems like this should just be included.

Am I doing something wrong or did you really intend for people to not have a drag/drop set of items? Is there a feature that will say create the LinearLayout tag with preset attributes or is this all manual coding?


We're working on a full-featured GUI designer for Android right now; it will be included in IntelliJ IDEA 12. The current version does not include any pre-defined snippets like the one you're talking about.


Cool - thanks for clearing that bit up. Nice to know that some type of designer is coming. The Eclipse ADT plugin is really bad... well of course Eclipse isn't that great either :)