How to active "the interactive command line console"


First, I am new to IDEA, if I asked a stupid question please forgive me.

I have no problem type input via console when I "run" a java program via main method.
However, when I am debugging, I can't type anything in the debug window - console

The following page says: "This pane enables you to view the output and error stream messages, and optionally use the interactive command line console."

I notice two words here: "optionally" and "interactive". So it sounds there is a way to make the command line console "interactive", but the question is how? Anyone can help me? thanks.


The Help is a bit confusing here. The interactive console is supported for Python but not for Java.


Thank you for the answer. Just curious, is it a feature missing in IntelliJ or an issue with JVM debugging?


I think he didn't mean typing java expressions but providing input to the running command line process. I struggle with this now. I want to debug a command line program in ruby but it just sits there waiting for user input.