IDEA 10.5.2 - Completely Freezes multiple times per day when editing JS files


I'm running IDEA 10.5.2 on Windows 7, and at least twice a day, I'm noticing that while editing JS files, IDEA will complete freeze, forcing me to kill the process and restart it, only to have lost the last few minutes of edits that I've made.

I've got a couple of questions:
1) Is this a known issue?
2) Is there a recommended way to disable Javascript background work that might be causing these hangups?




Please file a YouTrack issue at and attach the thread dumps from the logs directory (Help | Reveal Logs).


Thanks for the tip! I've created IDEA-79779


Yes, its absolutely horrible. I'm editing large JavaScript files for days now with NotePad++ because the IDE jumps to 10 GB ram with a single file and you can't type anything.

JavaScript always had issues but now the issue is much worse because I also have auto upload on save and they introduced a bug that auto save was only done when the tab of file lost focus, now its done on every single letter you type. Which means in my case besides JavaScript performance being bad its also uploading the minifying the file every single space or letter I type. I opened a ticket about this but my last ticket is not answered now for 10 days.

I purchased 32 extra RAM just for the IDE last year and for my surprise it did not helped in anything. The performance is going downhill with every new update they push, I can't even edit a single word in a large file anymore.