Multiple inline method request

Hello all,

Don't you think sometimes it would be very convinient to have such a possibility?

As an example when it may be nice to have I will describe my current problem.
For now I have to do fast separation database related code and business logic code in existing project, where business related code intensively uses EJBLocal objects. My intention is to enlarge chain with creation new classes set, which should have persistence interface to be called from business logic and simple delegate calls to EJBs. It is called BusinessDelegate in core J2ee patterns, as I remember. The best way I see to do that with great IDEA refactorings is to replace EJBs (which are generated) by BusinessDelegates (also generate them for the first time) and then inline all the methods to new business logic methods (which delegate to EJBs back). With this trick IDEA will replace all EJB calls to BusinessDelegates calls , otherwise I have to do that by hands.
I tried to use macros, but it asks my every time to inline. Also I almast sure I can do the same by creating a quite simple plugin, but I don't have any practic here and unfortunately I have not enough time for that.
May be anybody can propose other way to achieve my goal?