CVS: Ignore files w/o ".cvsignore"

Following problem:
Not all developers in my team use IDEA, so I don't want to check in my module (*.iml) files (and not see them as "locally modified" in all CVS dialogs, esp. "Check Project Status") but neither do I want to add *.iml to ".cvsignore" because .cvsignore IS under version control (in CVS) and I don't want to clutter .cvsignore with all project-management files of all IDEs in use (JBuilder, JDeveloper, NetBeans, IDEA, Eclipse and some more...).
I added "*.iml" to "IDE Settings"->"General"->"Ignore Files and Folders" but IDEA doesn't seem to honor this (probably b/c it cannot "fully exclude" the module files).
Maybe I'm just missing something, any "guide"?
You know, Eclipse has a general mechanism to exclude files from projects (not suggesting I'd switch to Eclipse, but to add this to IDEA as well).