disable maven auto import


I enabled Maven auto-import - every time I edit . pom.xml Maven automatically updates the project. I now want to disable this, is it possible?

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Settings -> Maven -> Importing.  Uncheck "Import Maven projects automatically"




I have an issue with the latest EAP versions which doesn't import and "Auto import" is also gone and there is no option to re-enable it! Whenever I make changes to the pom I need to reimport manually and otherwise it won't work.


any suggestions ?





From that page: "We’ve also removed the option to enable/disable auto-import from the settings, as the improvements mentioned above have made it redundant."

Removing the option was a bad idea! It was very useful, especially in small projects. Any chance to get it back in future releases?


Old implementation of auto-import caused massive workflow disruptions when attempting to import incomplete pom files. Now the IDE always  automatically imports the project from Maven when it makes sense, like after branch switching or project VCS update.

After editing files manually You can use a hotkey Ctrl + Shift + O to refresh Maven projects. Doesn't is solve the problem for you? Thanks.


I'm working on large Scala project, where import of sbt project takes few minutes. Now after each switch to another branch I have to wait few minutes or stop import manually. Very inconvenient. Having possibility at least for Scala plugin to disable auto import in all cases would be very useful! Unfortunately, now I have to switch to previous version of IntelliJ IDEA :(


I miss the auto-import feature, it was very helpful in my case and now I have to press that tiny little hard to press (on a 4k monitor) button. There is no way to reactivate the optional auto-import? Something like, remove the pop-up but leave the option to use auto-import on settings. 


Please vote and follow this related request: https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-235459 Thank you.


Right now in 2020.1, auto-reload can be disabled with the option "Auto-reload external changes", available from Action Search.

2020.1.1 will also add a button to the sbt / gradle / etc toolwindows


+1 for bringing back auto import. 
Previously there was a popup window from time to time. 

For big projects i've turned off the feature. For small the opposite. But I've HAD this choise


Kononenko Philip Thank you for the provided feedback. I've added your comment to the related issue: IDEA-235459