shortcut key to move between splits?


I found the split window option (window -> split vertically) pretty useful.  Is there a shortcut key that allows me to move the cursor to another split window?  ctrl-tab cycles through all the "tab"s.  I want to just jump to the next split window.


There are 2 actions in the Keymap:
Goto Next Splitter
Goto Previous Splitter

They are in conflict with Switcher since they use the same shortcut (Ctrl+Tab), you can change the keyboard shortcut to fix this problem.

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Ah!  It never occured to me that there was a clash of shortcut keys.  Thanks for the explanation!


Here is a simple shortcut without remapping keys if you use the `IdeaVim` plugin. You can use Vim's `Ctrl + W`  and then either use `W`  to toggle split windows or `H`,`J`, `K`,`L` to move between windows.

Vim is powerful, isn't it? :) 


Vim Ctrl+w w works great!!

Do you also have a vim-intellij shortcut to move in between general panels? Like move from source to error or move from source to project structured etc?


Tomerbd1Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2 etc. See "View | Tool Windows" to see all the shortcuts. 


is there a shortcut for moving a file to a split window? Like say there's a file that's on my right window can I move it to my left window split with a keyboard shortcut?


Victor Cui1996 You can try to assign a custom shortcut for "Move To Opposite Group" action:


I searched for it, couldn't find one. But you can press CTL + tab. It will pop a dialog from which you can select a file from opposite group. Now, you are in another opposite group.


Hello, Kazhian. Could you please share a screenshot of the Settings | Keymap window, the Other | Tab category? The shortcut action should be presented there. Also, please specify which IDE you use.



Is there a way to cycle through each split when we reach the end of “Next Tab”?

For instance, two split window, with 3 tabs each. When cycling through the next tab while being on the 3rd tab it would cycle through the next split window.

I guess it would be a cycle hierarchy with:
- Split windows (1-2)
- Tabs (1-3)

Doing: 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 → 2.1, 2.2, 2.31.1, 1.2,


Remy Machado

Workaround: use Cmd+` for switching project tabs and Ctrl+arrows for switching editor tabs.

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