Subversion opening many, many connections?


This is with IDEA 9.03 UE on Ubuntu 10.04. Subversion installed on the machine is 1.6.6.

A colleague of mine noticed a high number of connections to our Subversion server, and found that from my machine, and that of at least one other using IDEA, there were over 150 open connections (in my case, between 160 and 180 in our tests). I tried the following

  • closing all projects but one - still > 160 open
  • closing all projects, leaving IDEA open, none open (after a moment)
  • closing IDEA, none open
  • restarting IDEA, no projects open, no connections open
  • open single-module project, 10 open
  • open larger, multi-module project, 166 open

The only workaround I have right now is to un-set Subversion as the project's VCS (Settings, Version Control, VCS = <none>).

I wanted to check if this is a known problem, and if there is a workaround, before I file a bug.

In our team, a handful of people use IDEA here. At least one other colleague (9.0.3 CE) has the same issue with large number of connections, and at least one other (9.0.2 build IC-95-66) does not. Not sure what is different in the problematic cases.

Our problem is that our central Subversion server cannot handle an unlimited number of connections (as reported to me by a sysadmin).