How to monitor http request/response from WebStorm debugging mode ?

Is it possible to monitor the http request/response from webstorm?something like the Network tab at Chrome Developer Tools.
I have to switch to chrome developer tool if i need to know the request/response, when i switch, the debugging connection from webstorm will be broken....


in order to benefit others,  I would like to report back what I'm using now..    I'm using Fiddler Web Debugger to capture the http traffic. I configured the Fiddler Web Debugger to listen on particular port,(for example, 8888), and then config chrome in webstorm to use the port, for example. --proxy-server=http=;https=

now I can use webstorm for debugging, and check the request,response from Fiddler.



@Ted, thanks for describing this workaround. JS debugger is partly useless lacking this feature at the moment.


Any progress with that? cos I've been using webstorm to debug angular apps lately and monitor http requests/responses would be very helpful