Sort Files (Project and FTP) by modified date?


I did search for this issue and I could not find any solutions in this forum so hopefully this hasn't been awnsered a million times :)

I recently switched from Dreamweaver to PHPstorm, so far it has been a great move, except from one small thing that bothers me a lot and I just can't find, I am sure this is basic and I am probably missing something very obvious, but, can anyone please help me on how to sort files (project and FTP) by modification date? I can't even find a way to sort by any means, they are just in alphabetical order.



Damn, I see them now, since people have been asking since 2011, guess I could say goodbye to that feature :( seems like a very basic feature I am not sure why more people don't demand it.

Oh well.

Thanks for the awnser.


Hi there,

AFAIK there is no such options -- it's always sorted by name in ascending order. The only option that is available in this regard is to show folders on top or sort together with files.

There are quite few tickets for adding sorting into the Project View pane (usually comes from Dreamweaver folks). For example:

As for Remote Host panel (FTP) -- I could not find such tickets.


I agree, this seems like a really basic feature (and necessary.) Beginning to regret purchase :-(


I am a big ftp user and it would be really nice to view the last files that I recently updated and push them to the server. Please add this functionality.


I am a single developer, and I get a lot of clients that have sites not created by me, sometimes my workflow mostly depends on knowing if or when a file has changed. I understand this might not be the case for everyone and that is fine, but its a feature I have greatly depended on for a few years. Your solution although works (terminal/console/RD) is not as easy/convenient as just sorting files by modified date in real time, something even the most basic editors I've seen have.

But you are correct on the votes... so it seems like something not many people use/want, so for me, changing IDEs is the only viable solution at this time, since I doubt Jetbrains will implement this, when almost nobody is interested. 

Thanks for the reply anyways :) 






I actually stopped using it because of this, since this is a very important feature for me as I work with a lot of files, having to find files like that was a pain, so back to dreamweaver I go :( 


I find it hard to believe nobody uses/misses that feature :( 


Well .. those 3 tickets I have mentioned in my original comment have only 4 votes so far (that's including the actual owners .. so 3 + 1 extra vote). Definitely not "must have" feature if judged by the votes...

I have been using PhpStorm since v0.6 or so .. and I just don't remember that I ever needed it. I mean -- it may be convenient to see the last modification date at some moment (in case if I need to see when was the last time I have touched it .. and I can do that) .. but definitely had no need to actually sort by date.


The Question is -- why do actually need it? What's your workflow/use cases? Maybe you need to use a better tool for this (e.g. VCS when working in a team etc etc).

The only case that I could come up with till now is if I need to investigate some remote code that does not work any more as it should (e.g. files can be edited by many people at any time (and no VCS/backups is used) and somebody somewhere made a bad change .. or code was compromised (hackers/viruses/etc)). But even then -- it's not convenient at all to search for most recently modified file this way, especially if project has quite a few files in quite few folders -- searching for recently modified files in terminal/console/RD is much faster.


Rub3n V3ga, please vote for aforementioned issues.