License Key?

After an hour of messing around with Element 5 crap, I purchased the software today. The purchase went through, my card was billed, and then nothing. No key.. no license, nothing.

So I started looking to find a phone number here in the US for JetBrains. I called it and got voice mail!

If someone can get me my license ( for the purchase I made in the next hour or so, awesome. If not, I'm going with Eclipse/MyEclipse or SUN Studio.

IDEA is a great product, but only if I can use it.


I just come to discover that ELement 5 you use for processing, who had sent me a confirmation of order processing, is now sending me a notice that the order has not been processed.

The funds have already been pulled from my account. If I've still heard nothing by tomorrow, I will be contacting VISA directly to put this into dispute tomorrow morning.


Calm down. I don't know what's wrong with your order (or why it did take you an hour to use the online shop?), yet rest assured that Jetbrains support has been very helpful to me a couple of times and that the five or so orders I placed over the years all went very smooth.

If you really need to start that urgently I suggest you get a 30-day trial license. You'll get that emailed automatically very quickly and can easily swap that if you get the real one.


Calm down? Until you're the one with the funds missing from your account, don't tell me to calm down.

I applied for the 30 day extended trial license, and still nothing. So, no, it's not automatic at all.

They no longer offer a 30-day trial license to be emailed.


Strangeness... I did receive my key finally, and for that I thank you guys. I'd highly recommend you automate the process to be honest. My feelings for any purchase I make is, if the billing is automated, everything else should be as well.

However just to let you know, Element 5 was the worst part of this nightmare. They use verified by visa for their processing, which means if you have not set up a password for this system, you cannot purchase IDEA by CC. Also, for those of us here in the US, Element 5's primary bank is in Germany. Many large banks, such as Bank of America, place automatic international holds on their CCs/bank cards, which means until you call them to have this removed, you cannot purchase IDEA by CC.

It's painful to find that such an amazing product is so difficult to purchase. Thanks again for the assistance guys.


If I remember correctly, there used to be fine print on the Element-5 checkout page indicating that orders may take up to two business days to be processed.

--Dave Griffith


Hello Leif,

Thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on your purchase experience.

Our records show that we have received your order yesterday, but the license shipment was delayed due to the Easter Holidays. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused to you.

Element 5 is our long term partner and it normally takes them a few minutes to process payment. Since they make their best to secure credit card transactions and prevent fraud use of credit cards, they may require more time for the payment authorization and processing in some cases.

Best regards,
Natalie Yaremych
Sales Support- JetBrains