How to disable all code backgrounds/highlighting


I'm new to PhpStorm and liking it a lot so far.  One big annoyance is code background color/shading.  Of course I like code colorization, but I find background shading very distracting.  Is there an easy way to simply turn all background shading off?  Thanks.


Hi there,

You can edit editor color scheme as you wish -- just "Settings | Editor | Colors & Fonts" and edit it (you may need to make your own copy as all bundled schemes are read-only)

Do you have any particular color/place in mind (screenshots please, using Default or Darcula schemes only)? Maybe those are specific backgrounds (not obvious for new users).


Yes, I can go to FIle > Settings > Editor > Colors & Fonts -- and there are 35 selections!! (and they are NOT in alphabetical order).  I was looking for a single switch to disable ALL background shading for everything.  Evidently there is no such animal.  Nevertheless, I was able to disable most... but it's a major pain in the a.  One background that I could NOT disable is HTML tags.  The problem appears to be that I cannot UNCHECK the "Inherit Attributes From:" box.  If I try to uncheck it, it does not stick and prevents me from unchecking the Background box to disable the background.

PhpStorm needs to make it easier to customize the Editor in this regard.  As it is now I need to spend a full day getting rid of options I don't want and setting up my environment so it's usable.


1) So far your are the first on this forum and Issue Tracker for *Storm products (at least on my memory) who needs such setup (no bg colors at all). With that in mind it's hard to expect to have such option implemented -- why spend time and resources  implementing something that has little to no demand?..

2) You have few options:

  • finish what you have started
  • find some already made color scheme that uses little or no background colors at all.

Some links:

3) Instead of editing individual languages.. why not start with "Language Defaults" first -- all languages inheriting their settings from it overriding some if needed. This should reduce a lot number of styles that requires editing.


I Think I have found the solution. 

While on PHPStorm, right click on the scroll-bar on right. Then click on customize highlighting level, and select None. 


@Sharma66 There's also related request - feel free to vote for it as well.


oohhhh!, thanks for the solution Sharma66 , I've spent 3 days trying to figure out how to remove those anoying background colors.


Thanks Sharam! Guess there is demand for that feature after all.. was looking for the same thing


Thanks @sharma66 and D. John Elliott. I've been using PS for about 2 weeks and am glad to have quickly found how to disable this hiliting.