Setting CVS_PASSFILE does not work


I'm using IDEA 3.0, Build 666 and keep getting the error that I had to run "cvs login".

I was able to work around this problem by cutting and pasting the value from my .cvspass file into the IDEA file "xxxx_iprdaeaa0f9.cvspass". After doing this, I was able to add and commit files to the CVS repository.

Before the cut and paste effort, I had set my CVS_PASSFILE in the idea.lax file like this:

It didn't seem to work though.


idea doesn't use the CVS_PASSFILE any more. It uses its own passfiles so it can maintain different ones for each project.

Are you running a cywin environment under windows ?


The documentation still references the CVS_PASSFILE...

I'm not using cygwin, just plain Windows 2000, sp2.