Constant Internal errors

Is anyone else finding constant 'internal error occured' with build 655 when
editing the source of ant build files ? I didn't have the issue with 651 but
it now occurs every few seconds, and once more if I switch to a different
file to edit. As soon as I go back to the ant build file it occurs again
immediately. I have tried with a couple of different projects (including one
created from scratch) so I am reasonably certain it isn't related to the
project files.

Thanks, Colin



Colin Canfield
Internet Architect
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I get this as well.

It only appears to happen if the ant build file is registered
with the project. Once I get the internal error it is impossible to continue work on the project until i edit the project.iws file and remove reference to the open file build.xml. I can then start idea and then deregister the build.xml and then edit the file. Once editing is complete I can close the file and register the build file.

I suspect a bug releated to a registered build.xml file undergoing modification.

- bobby