How to enable git auto adding files

I can't find this feature in preferences. In my previous projects newly added files were added to git automatically. But I changed something in settings and now I have to added them to git automatically.
Where is this option located in settings?


You should change the following option:
Preferences | Version control | Confirmation | When files are created | Add silently.


Is there any way to have PhpStorm automatically add files created by gulp? It sees they have been created, but it leaves them as unversioned. Meaning that if I don't check the box every single time I commit after I use gulp my page ends up with no js and no css.... in other words an ugly page. Why would I ever want to leave out gulped files? Shouldn't the default be to add them...


Hello Spencer,

Unfortunately there is no way to automatically add externally generated files in general (not just files generated by Gulp).

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