Is it possible to save .idea folder/files in another location?

In the project I'm working on currently, we end up having to blow away the folder, redownload files, move files, etc.  In doing so, the .idea folder and it's files keep getting blown away and all settings are lost.  Would it be possible to save these files elsewhere for projects?  Like a global project folder?  I'd really like to get these files out of the project folders if at all possible.

I can of course make some batch files to copy and move the idea files so they are recreated and all, but... seems a bit crazy to have to do. =)




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Automatically -- No. But manually (few clicks) -- Yes.

Check this ticket for details:



Thank you for your help, I've used the work around mentioned and it's working fine.  I hope to see this easier setup in the future (or rather, just more clear on how to do it without having to ask here), but the work around, does work fine.

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Hi, Jetbrains team!


Currently there's an automatically way to go?

Thanks for the amazing tools, guys! keep it up!


@Felipe Martins

That ticket is still in "Open" state.

It has been moved to IDEA project (so it would be a platform-wide functionality once implemented): . As I see you have commented there already.

There is no automatic way of doing it. What issues do you have with keeping .idea inside the project? You can always exclude that folder from your VCS and your 3rd party deployment/sync/etc settings.


Why? A: git VCS has the concept of a sub-project. By putting an IDE’s configuration and settings in a separate, git subproject, a developer can _choose_ weather to leverage to IDE or not.


Why №2

I'm syncing the projects folder via OneDrive for Mac and there is NO way to pattern match exclusions in this thing, so I'd love to keep .idea folder out of my onedrive. 



And I could not find Settings\Directory on my Pycharm pro for mac.

1. "Settings" is on Windows & Linux. On Mac it's called "Preferences"

2. It's a place where you can add Content Roots. For PyCharm and other IDEs that can have complex project structure (PhpStorm / WebStorm have simplified structure) this should be called Project Structure:

P.S. The search functionality ("Help | Find Action..." in particular) can find such places by keywords -- try it. Here is what PhpStorm on Window shows me (the right option selected; might look different in PyCharm on Mac)