How to prevent PhpStorm to save file on exit without prompt ?


Consider this situation...You're just making changes to few files at once. The code isn't completed yet and the phone is ringing...  Then you have to close PhpStorm, turn off your computer and hurry because something important happened.
Then after one week you'll come back, launch your phpstorm and notice that everything you wrote was saved but asterisks are gone. So you don't know which files from those opened were changed before you left.

I read few posts here about confusing save functionality and I think this is really not very good how it's currently handled. phpstorm should ask if I want to save these changes or not or at least keep asterisks in tabs after launch so developer will know what file(s) was changed.

Sorry for my  English


Hi. I editing php and/or html source codes and css files since i was seventeen. I tried a lot of editors but probably this is one of the bests but i have to tell you one thing: i am the human and the editor is just a program and i don't like if a program  do unwanted things behind my back. I like when its correcting me or helps me to do my work best. But there are some cases when i just open some files to copy or just to find some codes and sometimes i hit the space or enter or something accidentally in somewhere the file. Imagine that the program saves these mistakes and it doesn't ask me ... well its gonna make me a little bit angry and i can put my whole work to dustbin.


Just writing here to say that this "feature" is preventing me from buying PhpStorm, both for me and all the developers on my team. The IDE should *not* be saving files without our explicit ok. Auto-saving can be a nice feature -- clearly a lot of people like it -- but it should be an option (and off by default).

Forcing this to "on" is just crazy. I'm disappointed, as I've really liked what I've seen so far, and have spent many days learning the IDE, setting it up how I like, etc. But now it wants to change the way I've worked on project for the last 20 years?  I don't think so. I often pop into files, mess around with them to try ideas or test things, and sometimes realize I've made a mess, so usually just close the file and hit "no" to save changes. Now anything I do will always be saved into the file?  I get it...I can revert. But why should I have to?

I just don't see why this isn't an option. The hubris of the team to say it's the way it should be is remarkable, and clearly causing loss of business.


I just signed in just to add to the numerous complaints about this overly stupid and arrogant behavior of PHPStorm. I was shocked just as the other members here, to find there is no option to disable autosave.
This is a deal breaker to me. It's shocking to witness how jetbrains team is ignoring (and losing) customers because of some stupid decision not to implement a feature available in all other programs on the planet?!
Otherwise PHPStorm is a good and sophisticated IDE. Lacking some other essential things and a plethora of bugs also available, also inconsistent code completion, but overall it is one of the best if not for this anti-feature they call "feature".
There are many scenarios where this autosave can have devastating effect on your work.
After 3 years since the thread was started, I see it not fixed in the latest version.
Total deal-breaker, sorry. -1 customer. As always in such cases, a good program is ruined by some stupid bugs and decisions which would have been fixed in no time years ago. It's illogical to take away such a basic choice, to say it politely.


I agree this behavior is weird and unsettling.

I thought the issue of how to handle saves on close of the application was absolutely settled. When the user asks to close or exit, he is prompted whether he wants to save any unsaved changes. That's how it has worked since the beginning of time... I think it goes back at least to the original Macintosh in the '80s. I don't understand why JetBrains would break with such a well-established convention. And the fact that this conventional behavior isn't even available through customized settings makes me wonder what they were thinking, and what other unexpected "features" there are in the tool.



I support use of autosave, I really like it, but this thread makes me wonder about a potential feature that I wanted to run past you; I can I post as a ticket if the idea has legs.

What if PhpStorm were to integrate an Git repo that would be internal to every project and then make commits in the background for every autosave and tags for every open and close of the project?  That would provide a full and complete chronological history and allow people to recover anything they wanted to recover via command line.  It could even provide PhpStorm with the ability to do a complete rollback to any state, moreso than current local history provides.

Something to consider?



Is this issue fixed yet in the new v5.0 ?
This thing continues to draw people away. It has become almost funny if it wasn't for sorrow. Not all of us use extensively source control nor want to combine it with the mere saving of a file.
This is clearly a severe limitation.
As I see this thread has collected the most number of posts among all other threads in this forum. One could ask why is that... a mistery. :)


JetBrains tried to make our lives easier with the autosave feature, but some times it's counter-productive - for instance, when you work with auto-refresh plugins, or frameworks that automatically recompile or do a hot code push when files are updated (e.g. meteor).

In the meantime, there's a way to turn WebStorm autosave off for long enough - about 74 days.

Alexey, I hope you reconsider JetBrain's stance on this feature. It's useful for most people, but for some it's dangerous, so there should be a real option to disable it.

PS: I'm currious about that number of seconds (see my linked post). How was it computed?

I've created a request for a feature to save just the current file, on demand. If you would like this, please comment and vote at


Autosave for a code editor is absolutely retarded. The only thing that's worse is autosave in a code editor that cannot be disabled.

It's such a pity, because the IDE is so much better than others in many other aspects.

Get your sh*t together and provide a setting, IMO both autosave and forced autosave is a super-dumb decision. I assume it was taken by one of the founders is you're so unremovable with so many or your customers or potential customers (like me) telling you they hate it.

Oh well.


I thought the same in the beginning, I don't now.

As long as you're using a version control system like GIT there's no issue.  You can always "revert" any file changes.  Take some time to understand the workflow they want you to use, its really good.


You still can disable most of the autosaves in File | Settings | Appearance & Behavior | System Settings.


"Yes, its an essential and mandatory feature of our platform for many years and its not going to change in any foreseeable future."

Kind of a terrible reply.. Judging by the votes I'm not the only person that thinks that.

Just registered and also realized that it has this strange behavior, there should at least be an option to disable/enable this. For many people you fixed something that isn't broken