Add existing file

Is there a way to add a existing file to a directory or project in Webstorm? If not where would i submit this as a feature request.


maybe not understanding the question, but the obvious answer seams to be, "just put it in the folder where your sources are using normal file system tools."

If your project is housed at:
/phpstorm_projects/ the files here)

Just copy the file there and it will be in the project.  Might need to hit the 'sync' button.

(Feels like im missing the point of this question)


Hello Jesse,

You can add an external folder as a new 'content root'. See Project Settings | Directories.

Thank you for feedback!


Cannot find the project preference in WebStorm 2.1 under os x.


File | Settings

Top part is Project Settings while bottom one is IDE-wide settings


If you originally opened a file rather than a folder (project) you can't then add additional files to the project/folder, webstorm will keep telling you that the files aren't being added to the project.  In that case, close WebStorm, reopen it and then choose to open the folder containing your file rather than the file itself.  You'll then be able to add new files to the project as you'd expect.