dancioca's Database Navigator Plugin

In the comments for the plugin page http://plugins.intellij.net/plugin/?webide&id=1800
the developer stated to post issues about the plugin here.

It is not compatable with the newest PhpStorm EAP 107.94, the plugin is in red and not able to be installed.


Well, the latest plugin version published by author at the moment is clearly marked to be compatible with versions up to 106.9999, as displayed on the page.
Probably he will update plugin after 2.1 will be released.


A new version is available for download. I only tested it with intellij. Please give it a try with PhpStorm and feel free to report any issues.


I LOVE Your Plugin!!!!!

When I right click on a table or column and select properties a popup shows up that says this feature  not implemented yet.  What will this feature show when it is completed?

This is such an awesome plugin you have no idea how helpful it is.



Thanks a lot for the appreciation!

A basic version for "Properties" feature is already implemented. You can enable it from the browser tool bar. It shows some basic information of the selected object. The final feature will most probably also show relations to other objects and stuff like this. Didn't think it thru yet.