Multiple windows on multiple screens


is it possible to open more windows from the same project? I've been searching everywhere and haven't found anything.

The point is that many programmers have at least two screens nowadays and cannot use them with PhpStorm. It's even worse with my 6 screens (, from which I can use only one for PhpStorm. I imagine it as just detaching/attaching editor tabs from main window, nothing special.

Thx for feedback


Hi Jan,

There can be only one "Main" window per project... but you can have multiple editor windows -- just grab and drag editor tab to a place outside the main window and release mouse there (see the video: ).


Wow, that so easy! I never tried drag&drop, but instead searched in all menus for "Deatch tab". Thanks Andriy


You should add this as a "Tip of the day", and many more as well. I think there are so many awesome features in PhpStorm that people are not aware of


Are you using six monitors on a laptop? :)


Nope, six monitors on a PC and a laptop just sometimes, when I need seventh screen :)


I only have four. Maybe I should ask my boss for a new graphics card and two additional monitors! :p He will probably laugh since everyone else only has two (laptop + monitor).

Damned laptops only supporting one or two monitors! X-(


@Henning Kvinnesland
@Jan Doeleck

Do either of you ever experience not being able to paste code copied from one monitor into PhpStorm?

I find that I am unable to copy from firebug in monitors 1 & 2 into PhpStorm on monitor 3 without having a text editor first on monitor 4 to paste into first. (where monitor 1 & 2 are one pc and 3 & 4 are another.)

There is an issue with JRE that seams to be the cause of it

Which is labeled "Wont Fix".

Wondering if anyone else is having the same issue I am. (sucks to have to have a text editor to play translator, love to be able to actually use that screen.)

os: kubuntu 10.04
PhpStorm PS:107-56
Synergy 1.4.2
sun java 1.6.0_24


I have all monitors on one PC, so having no problems


Hey Jetbrains Team,

this is completely broken and unusable since 2 or 3 Months or so. Look:

Or is there a way to fix it that google doesn't want to offer me?



I think there is a bug when you drag a window into 'negative coordinates'.  I cannot put a working editor window above or to the left of the upper left corner of my primary display on Windows.  It fails to get graphical updates and sits there frozen in time.

 Windows to the right and below are fine.  But I like my cursor to track correctly.  Right now I just tell Windows the monitors to the left are really far off to the right, and things work.  But seems like the kind of bug that should be a simple fix -- just deal with negative coordinates correctly.



Please check that you don't have KB4034664 installed (microsoft update).


Alternatively for Windows 7, remove the KB4034664 update for Windows 7 update from your computer, or use the following workaround:

1. Move to the Control Panel.
2. Click System.
3. Click Advanced System Settings in the Control Panel Home tab.
4. Click Settings in the Performance section.
5. Select the "Enable desktop composition" and "Use visual styles on windows
and buttons boxes"
6. Hit "Apply


And if I am not using tabs, what to do in this case?


You can't look at two places simultaneously, use one monitor and WND+TAB or ALT+TAB hotkeys