"Partial" entries in the Changes/Incoming dock?

I seem to be having constant issues with the Changes/Incoming dock.

The help for this pane seems to indicate that it's "things that are in the repository that you haven't checked out yet", but it always displays entries that are months and months old, and are clearly applied in my codebase since I'm running svn HEAD.

Bug?  Something I'm not understanding?


This may be a bug - please file a report to http://youtrack.jetbrains.net/issues/WI
Please include your OS, JDK, IDE and SVN versions and a couple of screenshots for incoming and history logs..


What is Incoming really supposed to be anyway? I am using CVS and get the same thing, a bunch of [partial] entries, but I only get these when I'm in a branch. However, I get other weird things as well. One of the screen shots shows my branch issue, which has several [partial] entries and it also has the Merge from Trunk - Head entry that the other screen shot shows (but there is nothing else to Update, I've tried.) Ther other screen shot is from the Trunk (HEAD) and it shows that Merge from Trunk - Head entry...which is a commit to branch TEAM1. Why would that be in the incoming for the Trunk? Again, there are no updates to apply.




Keith, please create a ticket for me
Incoming tab indeed have some problems, and we are going to address them in IDEA 10.X
Will take into account this merge case
Thank you