All feeds do work for many users using different RSS readers. Looks like the problem is in your software/settings.


I am using plain old browser (tried firefox and ie). The comments link ( works, displays latest comments and allows to susbcribe to it. Just as a lot of other feeds from numerous other sites so I am pretty sure my software/settings are perfectly good.

Entries link ( redirects to which returns an empty gif file.

0 DEFINITELY does not return empty gif file. I suspect there may be some kind of firewall or antivirus or other network-related software interference on your system. Also the feed is displaying properly in all current web browsers and several online readers (including google reader) for many subscribers. I'd suggest you to try one of online readers to ensure that no other software interferes with your connection.


Checked firewall - for some reason it blocked "feeds*" with default banner bases.

The problem is therefore solved on my side =)