701 hanging on OS X

Generally I've been very impressed with WI over the last couple of weeks of using it - a much more pleasant experience than NB!

There are various niggles that I'm sure will be fixed, but I've got a showstopper. Sometimes, WI seems to decide that it dislikes one particular file for a while. If I have open it in the IDE, or switch to it from another tab, the whole app freezes - text cursor stops flashing, menus are unresponsive, can't quit. If I force quit, relaunch, close the file and reopen it, the same happens again. I don't think it's to do with the particular file - it's just PHP and it has been edited that file successfully before. It seems to be intermittent - sometimes it works without a problem, other times it just hangs up. Sometimes it seems to get over it and all starts working again, but then start doing the same with some other file. The same files work fine in BBEdit and NB.

I know NB can grab memory dumps or detailed profile logs of itself using it's own Java debugger - is there some way I can do that with WI?

FWIW I'm running 701 on 10.6.2 on a Mac Pro using 32-bit Java 6.


Please follow general IntelliJ platform instructions http://jetbrains.net/devnet/docs/DOC-192


That doesn't seem much use - since the IDE is completely unresponsive, I can't click anything to do a grab! Is there an external tool to grab the running instance?


Please try to taking thread dumps using commandline tools: open Terminal and run

to get WI java PID and than
jstack PID > file
to get the threaddump. There also logs and automatic dumps in ~/Library/Caches/WebIDE10/logs - they may contain useful info too. Also please provide some info about your project - may be there some public frameworks/libraries used (php/jsp) so we can try to reproduce the problem.

Here's a stack dump for you. Java isn't my thing, but I can see lots of threads in a 'waiting' state. When I took this, OS X was reporting the IDE app as not responding.
I also grabbed the idea.log output for this launch.


Thanks for data, we'll investigate the issue. In the meantime please go and download new build #722 - there was many changes in related area, so problem may be already gone.


Thanks - 722 opens the file that caused the problem on 701 without hanging. I'll let you know if it happens again!