Various editor issues

The editor/parser complains about strings that span multiple lines, as shown in attached screen shot. Code such as:

$a = "hello

is perfectly valid PHP. While that's an ugly example, multi-line strings are very common when building large SQL queries.

Something I don't quite get is the way that the editor handles spaces after line ends - it appears I can click anywhere in empty space and start typing. I'm sure that has its uses in word processing, but I'm not keen on it for code, especially given that it also makes keyboard navigation more difficult - if I'm at the end of a line and press right-arrow, I expect to go to the first char of the next line, not heading off into empty space.

If I show white space chars, it shows tabs and spaces nicely, but it doesn't show line breaks.

Is there any way of having line wrap, preferably with dynamic indenting? I know neither Eclipse nor NetBeans can do this, which I find completely bizarre. For a perfect example, look at BBEdit's line wrap behaviour.

Screen shot 2009-11-06 at 14.53.44.png

IT is a known bug in build #701 and is listed in release notes, and will be fixed in next EAP.
For spaces vs caret behaviour go to File|Settings and type "caret" in search box. There's a nuber of options there.
You can also enable right margin auto-wrapping in options, however we do have number of known problems with *PHP* indentation at the moment.


Thanks Alexey. The caret options fix that aspect nicely. I can make it show a right margin, but so far I've not found how to make it wrap (what I'm ultimately after is wrapping to window width). Searching in config is nicely done - similar to OS X system prefs.


Our editor has no so-called "soft-wrapping" i.e. wrapping to window edge/margin w/o modifying file. It will wrap text only when typing and on invocation of 'format source' action. Please not that PHP fomatter is really basic for the moment and even has some known bugs (with some of them already fixed for next EAP).


The "soft-wrap" feature is in our tracker, though, and you are welcom to vote for it to make it added sooner.