Namespace support bug

Web IDE PHP version 387 doesn't recognize namespaced class in inheritence.

Example code

class BlogController extends \F3\FLOW3\MVC\Controller\ActionController {

The IDE has red squigly lines underneath the namespaced class

This example is from Flow3 framework

PS this WYSIWYG editor is god awful. It managed to generate the worst html code ever. Just take a look at the source and see what mess it created.


it doesn't support instantiation of namespaced classes

namespace my\name;
class MyClass {}
function myfunction() {}
const MYCONST = 1;

$c = new \my\name\MyClass;
$d = namespace\MYCONST;


the structure tab doesn't know what to make of namespaces. It should show the namespace name as the root node of the tree. If the file has multiple namespaces then it should show multiple root nodes.


that's already covered by fix for WI-221.