Change size of classes in class diagram (UML)

Me and my team are building a "rather" big project in java with multiple inner dependencies. We want a nice looking Class Diagram. After some time looking things up we found that IntelliJ has a very nice feature to generate everything. He does the job pretty good but there is one major issue.

Often we have long names of methods, or when the returnvalue is a List<ofATypeWithALongName> the information is not properly displayed anymore

example can be seen at 

The logical answer would be to scale the class box so that the width enlarges a bit, but this seems impossible (?)

Is this a bug? Can it be fixed, or is it intended behaviour. I searched the forum and the help documentation but without any results, thanks in advance!

Btw: I use IntelliJ IDEA 15.0.4 (Ultimate).


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Having the same issue here. Did you come up with a solution?


I'm having same issue. 
Diagram that is being generated is much wider than necessary. When having multiple class diagrams on one window it's getting hard to managed all of them and I need to zoom out. 


It's still on version 16.3 


I'm also having this same issue. All UML diagrams are too wide.