New AppCode development

Since I first used IDEA in 2001, I have been one of your most devoted evangilists about the JetBrains way of the development tools you guys have delivered.  You guys have made things better.

Now I am engaged in iOS development.  

Your silence is deafening.  If you give no signal of new development, you will lose the best developers who need to live in the client/server/cloud world of iOS developement.

You have the best toolset.  Make use of it.


Hi Thomas.

Thank you for the feedback.

We are working hard on Swift improvements at the moment and we are planning to start new EAP soon.
Please follow our blog or our twitter to get the latest news about AppCode updates.

Hi Thomas,

I'm waiting too, as the AppCode Swift support is close to be usable everyday.

Here is the query to YouTrack database for what's coming in next EAP, you might find it helpful:



I am all in with AppCode.  Have seen discussions where JetBrains considers Interface Builder-like functionality.  Apple chaanges this stuff so fast I believe that it is not worth it.  AppCode and all JetBrains IDE's are first and foremost the best code creation tools ever.  Keep up-to-date with Swift syntax and gett all the code creation tools and refatoring tools to the level we all expect.  I am fine with going to XCode for storyboards and esoteric project settings.  The code writing and the debugging ttols of AppCode should be where the majority of your effort should go.  Buy Reveal!   


I second that. Keep up the brilliant work on the code.
Well, Swift is not on my main focus - I think Swift won't be ready for prime time another year, and I'm not willing to spend a lots of time there. Not on my priority list.