Any way for AppCode to work with multiple Git repositories in a workspace?

I have an app that uses CocoaPods and one of the pods is one I've developed as part of the app.  In the Podfile, it's specified as:

pod 'MyTableView', :path => '../MyTableView'

As a result, if I open up the Pods project that is part of my workspace, I have a "Development Pods" that gives me access to the source.  Thus, I can work on my app, edit the MyTableView files, debug them, etc.  It all works great.

If I open the workspace in XCode, under Source Control, the "Working Copies" section, it lists both the main app repository as well as the MyTableView one.  If I make changes to files in either respository, when I go to commit, they're all there.

AppCode, however, doesn't seem to know about the MyTableView project and I can't find a way to commit from the my app workspace.  To deal with that, I have to open the workspace for the MyTableView and do my Git work there.

Is there any way to configure AppCode to see both repos?  If not, this would be a great feature for an upcoming AppCode release.