Swiftly moving target

Dear AppCode developers,

Adding support for a whole new language at short notice is quite a challenge, but Apple is not making it any easier with how fast
it's changing things in Swift either.
I just browsed throug the Xcode beta 5 release notes, and there's a lot of stuff changing on Swift. Not that that's really bad, as
most of them look like sensible improvements, but it's probably not making it any easier to build Swift support in AppCode.

So I just wanted to say that I appreciate the challenge you people are facing in getting Swift support in AppCode to the same
level as you other language implementations.

But I hope and expect that it's also exciting and enjoyable for you people to do this as this is in your chosen field of
expertise, and you are some of the best in the world at this.


Permanently deleted user

Thank you for your kind words.

Swift support is a challenge due to permanent changes in the language specification.
We are trying do our best.



+1  I was thinking the same thing recently.  Considering the magnitude of effort and problem solving involved in adding deep Swift support to AppCode, I'm very glad that JetBrains has such great talent to draw on for making this happen.