URGENT HELP! How do I turn off the multiple caret thing

I've no idea how I turned it on, now I can't turn it off.. so now when I select using shift+arrows or mouse, it doesn't do normal text editor selection, it does a rectangle with redlines at the end (the multiple caret thing).

it's bascially rendered appcode useless to me.

how do I turn it off?!


phew! got it.. column selection mode....


Several useful shortcuts for the multiple carets:
- press Alt+Shift and select the caret locations with the mouse
- or press Ctrl+G to add the next occurrence of the current word to the selection
- to delete from the selection, press Ctrl+Shift+G.
- to restore single caret mode, use Esc.



SHIFT+ALT+INSERT did it for me. To toggle back to the normal mode.

To the world where only one cursor exists. Aight Bye.


Duz Duz Duz i got back to native selection THANKS...


The same here. Thanks!