Navigate between files with the keyboard produces audible "beep"

When I navigate back and forward, using the keyboard, my Mac makes an audible "beep" noise.

When I carry out the same actions using the toolbar buttons, it does not.

I checked that the keybinding for back is not used for something else, by searching for it in the Keymap section of preferences. The back action is associated with the "control + command +  left arrow".

Any ideas as to why this may be happening? It's becoming annoying.

Thank you.



It may be that you have some system service configured to this shortcut, please check System Preferences | Keyboard.


Hi Anton,

I checked and I have nothing else mapped to those key combinations. It may seem that it has to do with how some of the JetBrains' IDEs do the key-mapping. See here.


Please file a bug report, we'll try to reproduce it and see what we can do.


Done. Here is the bug report.