Django external documentation?


How do I enable external documentation for Django?  Under "Django Support", "Enable Django Support" is checked, but the documentation is not configured.  I have PyCharm 2.5.1 (evaluation mode).

On the PyCharm web site, I see:

"PyCharm knows documentation sites for the Python standard library, Django and Google App Engine."

But when I press Shift-F1 on, say, django.forms.MultipleChoiceField, I get a dialog claiming:

"Python External Documentation

No external documentation URL configured for module django.  Would you like to configure it now?"

This doesn't jibe with the claims on the web page, but I click OK.

I am zapped to the settings window, but no particular setting category is open (strange and disappointing).

I click on External Documentation.

What?  Surely I don't have to manually configure documentation for Django?




PyCharm does know the Django documentation URLs, however it contains a bug which makes the URL lookup fail in some cases. It'll be fixed in a future update of PyCharm. Thanks for the report!


Just wondering, is this fixed? I'm using latest IntelliJ and would like to know what's the URL format for Django external documentation. Thanks!


It doesn't work for Django 2, unfortunately. Please vote for the relevant ticket in the bug tracker: PY-30970.