How to delete a current line ???

IDEA does "cmd y" to yank the current line, same combination is not working in Appcode, different keys ????


Joseph, try to open the shortcuts settings via "Preferences->Keymap" and type "delete" in search field. After that remove shortcut for "Delete line" and add it to "Delete to line start". Does it solve your problem?

It is Command+Backspace in the default keymap.
You can find the shortcuts Preferences->Keymap:
Screen Shot 2012-07-04 at 15.41.43 .png

If it is more comfortable for you, you can even switch to 'IntelliJ IDEA' keymap.


I will do that, thank you for prompt answer.


I realize that this is an old issue, but this is really closely related to a question I have.  It seems that JetBrains IDEs do something different than all other editors and IDEs do when using command+delete.  Other editors and IDEs just delete the line and put the cursor at the beginning of it, where at JetBrains IDEs deletes the line, moves the following line up, and puts the cursor on this next line.  Is there a way to make command+delete work how it works in other editors and IDEs?


Olesya Bogdanova, Yes!  This gave me the line deletion behavior I was looking for!  Thank you!