Bug?: File Template when creating a new class broken?


I don't exactly know what triggered this behavior, but earlier I have been able to create new Objective-C classes from within AppCode - either by choosing New->Class from the context menu or simply using a non-existing class somewhere, and then choose "Create new class...".

But now I get this in the header file, when I create a new Class called "Project":

* Created by JetBrains AppCode.
* User: slr
* Date: 14/5-2011
* Time: 23:01
package ${PACKAGE_NAME};
public objective-c header file Project { }

The implementation file seems to be OK...

I also get the same gibberish if I create a new Protocol (which essentially is only a header file).

I can't really tell what has triggered this behavior.
One thing I did just a few minutes before it happened was, that I went to Preferences -> File Templates and modified the Code template called "OC Overridden Init Method Body" - but I don't suppose, that could have any impact on this...

Also - the templates for creating new Classes and protocols doesn't seem to be listed in the File Templates in Preferences - any reason for that?



There are issues for the things you described: OC-680 and OC-342. You can vote for them.


Thanks - I have voted for them... :-)


Both issues are fixed ad will be available in the next EAP.