Interface Builder

I am a very experienced developer, but a total newcomer to programming for the Mac.
While I love the JetBrains environment over XCode I was really hoping for something better
than the XCode Interface Builder, which is one of the most horrible design tools I've ever
seen. It's so non-intuitive that it's impossible to use it without reading the entire documentation.
Will there be an improved interface builder or is that not in scope for JetBrains appCode?




AppCode is a code-centric like the other JetBrains products.
We'll do our best to improve integration with IB and simplify UI-related tasks; we don't have plans to develop our interface builder at the moment, though.


I hear the words 'plugin opportunity'


Jon, I agree with you, that as a newcomer to development on Mac/iOS, the Interface Builder is the weirdest and most non-intuitive tool of the entire Xcode bundle.

But having worked with it for a few years now, I actually think it does a decent job - I am far less frustrated in my daily use of Interface Builder than I am when I have to write code in Xcode. True, Interface Builder has it's shortcomings (and you typically have to do a fair amount of code afterwards to tweak the UI to look and behave properly), but all the basics of placing and aligning components and wiring outlets and actions up works pretty well (once you gets used to it).

Of course I would love to be able to do everything from scratch to AppStore submission in appCode, but for now I just welcome appCode as an outstanding code editor.

Right now - in the ideal world - I wish appCode could be a plugin to Xcode, which would replace Xcode's horrible code editor - but that's not possible afaik... :-(