Working directly on remote project via ssh?

So... new to pycharm, loving the code completion so far.  Now I'm wanting to work on some python projects (simplecv, flask, etc.) that reside on my Raspberry Pi, from my laptop (dual-boot Win7 & Ubuntu, with PyCharm3 installed).

I must be missing something... I'm not seeing in the docs or anywhere that I've looked about how to set things up with all the project files (both my actual code and the interpreter) on the remote server, accessed via SSH.  I set up one aborted project with a remote interpreter on the RPi, but it appeared that the actual files created were 'here' on my laptop - not sure I see the point of that?  I saw some older threads that seemed to indicate that this functionality (which I seem to remember being integral to Komodo Edit) doesn't exist in PyCharm, though I wasn't clear if that has changed with the 3.0 release...?  Am I supposed to set up a virtualenv here on my laptop, then transfer it over to the server via scp/sftp?

Anywho, if someone could help point me in the right direction, I'd greatly appreciate it.


Working directly on a remote server is not a supported configuration, and right now there are no plans to change this. Instead, you need to have a copy of your code on the local machine and use the "Deployment" feature to synchronize it with the remote machine.

You don't need to create a virtualenv locally; you can set up a remote interpreter to point to a virtualenv on a remote machine directly.

It will be great to have an ability to work with remote files. Sometimes it's just not possible to have a local copy of the project due to some restrictions.  


Our team has the same problem. No local copies are allowed for 'contractual reasons'.


Editing locally would be having a local copy. So your argument is moot.


Visual Studio Code has this feature and works nicely, it would be great to see it as well in IntelliJ


Yes please add this to IntelliJ Ultimate this is the future - development in the cloud connected via ssh. Visual Studio Code is really great here but has a bad Java /Hybris support.




Please check the Remote Interpreter feature description 


Should you have any questions please let me know. 


Please read the documentation

Then you will see that your proposal does not fit to the developers need.

You can only improve IntelliJ Ultimate when you understand the developer needs, otherwise some other tool will do it.




thank you for pointing on this. 


Please vote for the feature request in order to increase its priority. 


Why don't you just mount with sshfs?


I use the mount with sshfs to work on a project hosted in a remote computer, and it works, but intellij shows the message "External file changes sync may be slow: Project files cannot be watched (are they under network mount?)" and the intellisense/autocomplete features do not work, preventing the use of some of the main advantages of the IDE...

Is there a way to make it work without losing those features?


Working with mounted file systems in Intellij is absolutely awful. I tried for over a week to get it to work right in GoLand and was never able to get auto-complete and imports working consistently. Eventually, I gave up and installed a window manager on the VM I work with and installed GoLand directly on it. This has come with a lot of baggage and makes me very sad that I have to do it this way. I may switch over to vscode soon since it allows SSH mounting and apparently it works very well. This makes me so sad though because I have used Intellij for 5 years and love everything about it. It is just missing a serious feature that is completely necessary in some development environments.


SSHFS with IntelliJ is really slow, please provide a remote development mode as VSCode did!


Working on a Go project that uses hardware attached to a RPi. Without remote development this is a major PITA :-(


In times where every developer works from the home office (COVID-19) this feature is essential.


free VS code has this feature, but IDEA has NOT!!!


For better or worse, working in cloud development environments is becoming increasingly popular and is what brought me to this thread. I love working in Intellij products, but I'm finding it hard to do so in these type of environments. I'm being forced into VS Code which is, for me, a worse overall experience. 


FYI yonks ago before I stopped using JBrains, the only problem was that they wouldn't/couldn't  fix the indexing. It made using sshfs unsuable. It was the only issue iicrc and each time I read "fixed, set this" I tried it and it didn't work. There is no reason an sshfs mount shouldnt "just work". If there's a reason they couldn't allow to turn this indexing off then grand, I could live with that and move on, but it simply never worked (for me). Maybe I was doing something wrong or was too stupid as their products are simply the best in the main.


I have a problem that my code runs on a linux machine and I develop on Mac - where the source has folders named `build` and files name `BUILD`. Being that Mac filesystems are usually case insensitive, I cannot clone the project locally. Vscode SSH configurations work perfectly as they don't store any files locally. Would love to have this in Pycharm! Thanks in advance!


VS Code has a Remote Development extension. It's awesome


I am a big fan of PyCharm and IntelliJ, but I switched to VSCode only because of this feature, which works perfectly and is very easy to configure (as pointed in other comments). 

 The two reasons I prefer to work on a remote instance are (i) the project I'm working on sometimes requires a large amount of computational power, and (ii) I have a M1 Mac which still gives me compatibility problems with some tools.

If JetBrains develops this feature I would instantly switch back from VSCode to PyCharm/IntelliJ!


sshfs mostly works, but there's a massive issue with `git`:

Essentially, IDEA kicks of a git process to see what code has changed...etc, but when it executes over a remote sshfs folder, the git process sometimes go into a 100% CPU scenario and you can't stop it at all. You have to do a hard shutdown of the machine. The same happens with git 2.30 from Apple than the latest git version from brew.

So, I'm now mounting the project over sshfs but have had to disable the git plugin :(


hi all,

I'm currently testing ... so far so good after a few hours (haven't used it extensively, i.e.: for large project)


Aaaa! why did you implement it BACKWARDS!?  "Remote development support" doesn't mean that I want to install and run an IDE on a remote server.  All I need is to have an ability to open remote files via SFTP.  It is implemented in almost every simple editor (check out rmate for TextMate for an example).