Is there a way to sync Appearance and Keymap across Jetbrain IDEs?

I use CLion and PyCharm, and would like to start using IDEA also. But the thought of manually syncing my keymap and appearance settings across them is daunting. Is there any way to configure and automate this?


I'm curious to know the same. I'm constantly setting the same keymap configurations across CLion, Webstorm, Android Studio, etc, would be nice if they all shared the same configuration for some things.



Please try using File | Import/Export settings.


I've tried exporting key mappings from Rider to WebStorm every way I can think of. I've tried using a settings repository in git, I've tried export and import. I've tried using both directions. I've tried configuring Toolbox to set the same configuration folder for both applications.

I use 5 of the Jet Brains IDES and I'm _constantly_ trying to fix my key mappings between each of them to be consistent with the set I memorized a dozen years back.

If you guys could *please* tell me how to do this correctly it would be greatly appreciated.


I use webstorm as my primary IDE and had the issue with phpStorm and pyCharm - exporting my settings for keymaps and schema only from webstorm then importing in the other IDE's worked great for me.


I am in the same boat. between Goland, CLion, PHPStorm.


I have the same issue, I just re-installed and need to set up Rider, IntelliJ, Datagrip and Fleet.


Hi all!

The options to share your IDE settings are described here - 

Also starting with 2022.3 version, IDE Settings Sync and Settings Repository will be merged into a single solution – the new Settings Sync plugin. Learn more about it in this blog post.